Kyoto sightseeing with a Certified National Guide (English Language)

Welcome to Fujimer’s Website.

This Website provides you with the most important matters when you think about travelling to Kyoto.
There are about 1,600 Buddhist temples and nearly 300 Shinto shrines in Kyoto.
Many travelers visit Kyoto with a minimal knowledge from guide books or other information sources which may limit the field of interesting events and sightseeing spots.
If you really want to enjoy and appreciate the ancient and historic buildings, beautiful gardens along with insights of Japanese cultures you need a National Guide certified by Japanese government.

Why not enjoy Kyoto with me.
Ryo Fujime/Certified National Guide

Famous sightseeing spots for example

Kiyomizudera temple
Kinkakuji Temple ( Golden pavilion )
Ginkakuji Temple ( Silver pavilion )
Gion amusement district

Byoudouin Temple
Fushimi Inari Shrine
Ninen Saka, Sannen Saka Street( Houkanji )
Ryouanji Temple
Sanjyusankendou Temple
Sanzenin Temple
And more than that in Kyoto.

Personal introduction

I was previously employed for 38 years at a Japanese Trading company and during that time I spent more than 14 years in the Netherlands.

I truly enjoy travelling, playing golf and watching sports such as NFL, major league baseball games and Japanese Sumo-wrestling.

Experience as a Guide: 2 years
Religion: Christian
Certifications: National Guide Cert. No. EN00473
International Travel Supervisor Cert. No. 22-3941
Domestic Travel Supervisor Cert. No. 21-41-5073
Tea Ceremony(Chano-yu, Urasenke) Cert. No. 12439263

Mission Statement

I want to devote myself to the promotion of mutual international understanding through guide activity.
I put into practice the reception and services of foreigners with hospitality and sincerity.


a. Guide to the famous historical and unique sightseeing spots.
b. Planning your itinerary.
c. Recommendation for sightseeing spots.
d. Reservations and appointments for restaurants or other places.

・Guide request order is to be placed at least one week before the day of sightseeing.
・When there is a previous engagement, it may not be possible to confirm your request, so please place the request as early as possible.


Kyoto guide – daily (from 9:00 to 17:00) for one group.
One group consists of not more than 4 persons.

Yen. 13,000/day
Extra overtime, if it happens before 9:00 or after 17:00, is to be Yen. 2,000/hour

Included in the daily rate: Guide’s travelling expense, Guide’s entrance fees for visiting attractions.
Excluded in the daily rate: Guest’s travelling expenses, entrance fees for the attractions, food and drinks.

Please note that credit cards are not accepted.